Vendo Rack de Jalon RockyMounts Monorail Solo de 1 bicicleta en Excelentes Condiciones 1 Ano de uso


ProvinciaDistrito Nacional
Tel. / Cel.8098186638
ModeloMonorail Solo

Carries 1 bike, up to 60 lbs. Expandable to 2 bikes up to 45 lbs. each, with Add-On
No contact with frame, secures bicycle by front wheel
Carries road tires up to 5. 0” wide fat bike tires, and diameters from 20” to 29”
Compatible with bicycles’ wheelbases from 34” to 49”
Folds flat against the vehicle, and tilts down 30 degrees to allow for hatch access
Fits both 1. 25” and 2” hitches with adaptor sleeve & anti wobble bolt
Includes locking hitch pin, cable lock, and standard lock pods, keyed alike.

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13 mayo, 2021 10:05 am

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