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Nuestro Precio es mejor que usted comprar por internet y traer por courier y pagar Flete, Seguro, Aranceles 20%, Itbis 18%, y Gestión Aduanal.

Rack N’ Roll, SRL es el Distribuidor Exclusivo de SeaSucker para la República Dominicana. www.seasucker.com

Tengo mucho modelos mas de Porta-bicicletas.. de todo tipos (Baúl, Techo, Jalón, Succión..)

Our Hornet 1-bike rack is a small-scale revolution. We call it the “Smallest Bike Rack in the World” because it is. The Hornet is so compact that it fits into an included 9.5”x7”x4” zippered carrying case for easy storage and travel. The Hornet is far and away the most travel-friendly rack on the market, but it works equally well for everyday use.

The Hornet is our first “leave-the-front-wheel-on” bike rack. It is designed to mount to the back window of any hatchback, SUV or minivan using two of SeaSucker’s powerful 4.5” vacuum cups (120lb rated pull-strength each) to hold the handlebars and hang a bike weighing not more than 35 lbs from the rear glass. Plastic ladder straps securely hold both road and MTB bars to the vacuum cups.

As with all SeaSucker bike racks, the pump-action vacuum cups also allow the user to attach the rack in just seconds, making the Hornet one of the easiest and fastest racks to install. Simply pump the two vacuum cups onto the back windshield, close the ladder straps around the bars and you’re done. And when it comes time to remove it, the Hornet detaches just as quickly and breaks back down into its component parts for storage in its case. The Hornet also comes with a safety strap that loops around the bike’s steerer tube and into a sewn-in cam buckle. The strap’s tail has a built-in plastic peg that, when closed in the hatchback, secures the strap to the car.

NOTE: this rack is intended for use on hatch-back style vehicles only, and should not be used on a surface that does not have at least a 45 degree angle from horizontal.

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